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Job search or fellowship timelines:

  1. Fellowship Timeline – see Fellowship Application Guide for detailed outline of month-by-month to-dos!
  2. Non-traditional Career Timeline
  3. Primary Care or Hospitalist Timeline

Creating a cover letter or CV:

Job Interviews:

Negotiation Tips:

Finding a Job: tips/pearls sheet

Fellowship Application Resources:

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5 thoughts on “Career and Fellowship Application Resources”

  1. Young Scholars in GIM Program Now Open

    The Young Scholars in GIM Scholarship is a program for residents and medical students that provides scholarships to support the registration fee to the 2018 SGIM Annual Meeting.

    Up to 25 scholarships are available this year. The deadline to apply is February 9th at 12:00 PM Eastern. To learn more about program requirements, visit:


  2. Stanford CERC Fellowship now accepting applications:

    Stanford’s Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC) is a design lab that brings together early-career innovators to design high-value care delivery models, prepare them for rigorous pilot testing, and develop a skillset for leading change within the US healthcare system. Each year, we recruit trans-disciplinary teams of physicians and postdoctoral scholars to develop new approaches to specific facets of health care delivery that safely lower the cost of great care. Over the past seven years, teams have addressed care for poor-prognosis cancer, chronic kidney disease, stroke, ambulatory surgery, spine pain, perinatal care, critical care, dementia care, chronic disease management, care in late life and patients with medical complexity. We draw on traditional research methods and human-centered design thinking. Fellows’ innovations are now being implemented via pilot tests at Stanford and other sites across the U.S.

    We are now recruiting our eighth class of CERC research fellows (to begin in August 2018) and would appreciate your help in finding outstanding candidates.

    We seek early-career aspiring innovators from diverse backgrounds- healthcare, social sciences, behavioral and management sciences, and engineering – who have the potential to become leaders in the design of higher value healthcare. Ideal early–career candidates include physician residents or fellows who can dedicate a year to research, graduate students, or entry-level faculty from the abovenamed disciplines.

    Please find this year’s fellowship announcement attached. We would be very grateful if you circulate this amongst your peers and within your department.

    Thank you for helping us recruit our next class of healthcare system leaders!

    Arnold Milstein, MD, MPH
    Professor of Medicine and Director
    Clinical Excellence Research Center
    Stanford University

    Terry Platchek, MD
    Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine
    Fellowship Director
    Clinical Excellence Research Center
    Stanford University
    Vice President, Performance Improvement
    Stanford Children’s Health


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