Resident Resources

Click here for UCSF Box link to all resident resources!

Orientation Documents

Sign-out Template (click here for a sign-out cover sheet template to use)

Resident Forms (click here to see all the residency forms listed below)

Residency PoliciesĀ (click here to see all the residency policy documents listed below)

Check out the residency website for a full list of resources:

Residency Resiliency and Wellbeing:

  • Advisory Center for Health Professionals website
    • Residents can communicate confidentially with a panel of advisors by email or phone to get advice on a number of topics including balancing personal and professional life, burnout, medical mistakes, and the like. The website also offers a variety of other resources such as blogs and forums.

Career Support Resources

UCSF Alumni Database: coming soon!

Negotiation Tips:

Sample Questions for Job Interviews

Example Cover Letters:

Example CV’s:

Career night resources: tips/pearls sheet and job questions

Job search timelines

  1. ACGME Fellowship Timeline
  2. Non-traditional Career Timeline
  3. Primary Care or Hospitalist Timeline

Resident Well-Being!

We care about YOU! More to come in this section but to start, please never hesitate to reach out to any of us with anything we can do to help. And/or, visit the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP):

AgileMD Resources

Don’t forget that many things are available on AgileMD for download. Things to checkout when you get AgileMD include:

  • UCSF IM Dept Resources: phone cards for all 3 hospitals and lots of other helpful documents!
  • Outpatient Medicine Handbook: for all your clinic management questions
  • Hospitalist Handbook: essential to every day life on wards
  • UCSF IDMP: do away with the dosing card in your white coat pocket!

Academic Project Opportunities


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