Educational Resources

UCSF Educational Resources

  • UCSF Medical Center DKA and DKA Order Set teaching module by Dr. Rushakoff!
  • Friday Ambulatory Didactics: are you always furiously trying to take pictures of helpful tables and slides during Friday lectures, only to snap a photo of the next slide and the back of someone’s head? Fear not, our Ambulatory Chief has got you covered. Click on the link to access lecture slides!
  • SFGH GMC Educational Materials: check out what the residents at GMC are teaching each other in preclinic conferences as well as the Women’s Health educational materials!
  • Mt. Zion Clinic Resources: wondering how to access all those great pre-clinic talks? didactics you heard on clinic immersion? or just how-to guides on navigating outpatient Apex? Check here for link to Box folder and Zion based info!
  • Intern Half Day (IHD): Were you unable to attend the last IHD? Are you an R3 about to graduate and furiously trying to learn the things you were supposed to as an intern? We will be posting the IHD materials here on a monthly basis so please check back!
  • UCSF Chief’s Cover Sheets: single-page handouts on various clinical topics made by previous UCSF Chiefs
  • Examples of past R3 Talks!

Outside Educational Resources

  • ACLS Online Simulator: nervous about leading codes? Our programs has purchased a subscription to which other residents have fun helpful for practice. Click on the link to be taken to a password-protected document explaining how to log into our account.
  • Yale Curriculum: outpatient curriculum (link to the UCSF Wiki for our access to the Yale Curriculum)
  • ECG WaveMaven: for endless EKG practice!

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