Chief Complaints –Gratitude

(a brief preamble: this message might feel like a bit of a throwback since it was originally 10 days prior.  due to some mysterious server snafu, it did not reach you all.  we believe the lines of communication are up and running again, so here you go!  this might explain any of the random praise you’ve received from faculty over the past week…)

 Hello Team,

 Turkey and gravy are quickly followed by navy blue blazers and leather portfolios here at UCSF.   Interview season marks the perfect time to reflect on what makes our program so special.  It is the cumulative impact of your good deeds, big and small, that has created such a rich community.  We wanted to share our appreciation for everything that each one of you does for our program, our patients, and each other, and have included just a sliver of specific examples in this month’s edition of Chief Complaints.  Know that we notice how hard you work, and this generosity of spirit amazes us every day.    

 With gratitude,

Your Loving Chiefs


#”Shredding” at the VA- If you’ve worked with Dave Anderson, you know that he often uses the verb “to shred” to mean he survived a difficult time and came out victorious (E.g. “Dude, I got shredded during that call night!”). At the VA, we mean it in the old-fashioned sense– we spent a couple weeks piling protected health information in the chiefs’ office after our old shredder bins were removed, but we now have new, beautiful shredders everywhere. Thanks for your patience! #SHREDCITY!

#Wellness Walks- We are SO thankful to Diana Thiara, our fantastic DSARS, who spent an afternoon creating the “Wellness Walks” maps that can found around the VA. There are walks to fit various time and length constraints. We appreciate the reminder of the natural beauty all around us at the VAspa and that self-care can happen even at work!

#New dinner restaurant- Stay tuned for a new restaurant for dinner at the VA in January!!!!! We’re in discussions with several options, and we’ll keep you updated. And don’t give up hope on a new Wednesday lunch option– it’s winding its way through the VA bureaucracy!

#Presents for patriots- Here’s a little secret: did you know the VA has its own convenience store near the cafeteria that is more like a mini Walmart? Also: it has NO sales tax! Here are some of the amazing things they carry– snuggies, sick-nasty train sets for the little ones, Chanel perfume, plasma screen TVs, novelty socks! Hours are extended for the season: 7a-6p Mon-Fri and 8a-4p Saturdays until 1/2018.


#Tryptophan From Turkey Got You TiredYou are in luck! Big thanks to Melody and the Dept. of Medicine for supporting the purchase of new couch for the resident’s room. Whether it’s sign-out, post-call rounds, or afternoon teaching, the couch is there to comfort you at all times. Also, thanks for the new white board to make sure this space continues to be used for teaching

 #Gravy on Top-Look up, look up, new cork boards are like a bountiful cornucopia over at ZSFG. Thanks to the Dept of Medicine for getting us some new cork boards to maximize our announcements and make this place feel like home while also helping ensure that all the info you need is but a glance away!

 #Grateful For All of YouShout out to Dawnee Wong for her personal project to make large posters with the facecards of all the IM residents now gracing the halls of ZSFG res room. These photos are awesome and help avoid any confusion about who is who in the res room!

#The Gift of Narcan-The ZSFG Housestaff Incentive Project is UNDERWAY. With the goal of increasing Narcan prescriptions to coincide with any opioid prescription from the discharge pharmacy, we are working to stomp out overdose in the current opioid epidemic.  Thank you to Jessica Wang, Nadine Pardee, Chloe Ciccariello, & intern Shirin Hemmat for leading the charge and to all of the wards teams for their careful attention to the needs of patients with an opiate use disorder and/or pain managed with opioids. 

#Praise from the ChiefSusan Ehrlich, the CEO of ZSFG, shadowed Mike Incze & Timothy Dyster’s wards team on rounds and wrote a hospital-wide memo praising the team’s compassionate approach to patient care. Way to go team!


#Better Recognize:  UCSF Health is pioneering a digitial shout-out platform for the entire organization! Get familiar with, which allows you to share praise with any member of your interprofessional care team.

Here are some of our recent medicine residency shoutouts at Moffitt…

 “…to Kenny, who during the very first day of the new interns acted as the senior for all post-call interns – even went beyond by writing notes, doing sign-outs, and being “practice” for ppd placement!  He prophylactically read all notes to learn the patients. He stabilized my sick ICU pt who started bleeding.”

 “To Dr. Huat Lim for helping me today in the ICU with a very sick patient transitioning to comfort care. He helped me lead a family meeting and helped me prepare for the transition to comfort care. He was very supportive and really took the time to educate me and walk me through the process. He is an AWESOME doctor and teacher!”

 “To Muazzum and Salman for coming in on back to back nights to save the CCU team from super-capping!!”

 “Ngheim was pulled off of his procedure service month onto our service right before starting LTU, which is I’m sure not what he was planning on, but he came onto the team with such a great attitude and willingness to work and to teach the medical students.”

 #HIP-HIP-Hooray-AWOL has taken on a whole new meaning for the #DeleteDelirium brigade.  An enormous shout out to Leslie Suen, Carine Davila, Lev Malevanchik, Connie Wang, Cary Kraft, Serge Gajic, Sharmin Shekarchian, Janet Chu, and Karen Antsey for advocating for APeX upgrades, working to improve interprofessional communication at UBLT meetings, and for providing “gentle nudges” to our wards teams. 


#GratefulForMyHardWorkingPCP-Shout out to every resident for all the hard work you put into caring for your primary care patients.  You all provide care for >10,000 primary care patients!


#Covered for CAP: A tremendous shoutout to the 38 residents who provided coverage during the first half of the year (not to mention the 33 others who volunteered for the pool)!  Many of you served several times over the course of the month, and we are blown away by your generosity.  We look forward to celebrating the first wave of accomplishments next Wednesday (shoutout-within-a-shoutout to Annsa for organizing)!  

 #Social Kitchen Takeover: Carine Davila & Tyler Mains, thank you for all of the time you’ve poured into recruitment efforts for the Residency Diversity Committee, and to Amanda Wright, Alicia Morehead-Gee, and Sarah Schaeffer for their leadership!  You’ll find many residents, faculty, and applicants hanging out in the window seats at Social Kitchen before the Nopalito dinners—do join!



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