HFNC for hypoxemic respiratory failure

Sharpe HFNCCatching up on some VA report PEARLS in the queue. One that came up at a previous ICU report was the use of high flow NC for hypoxemic respiratory failure in patients. There was a great discussion about the NEJM study (Frat et al, 2015) looking at high flow nasal cannula in patients with hypoxemic respiratory failure (P/F <300).

HFNC has several beneficial effects including patient comfort, mobilization of secretions, decreased entrainment of room air, decreased dead space, PEEP, and the ability to deliver 100% FiO2.

Thanks to BSharpe for his slide from a ZSFG MGR looking at the effects of HFNC vs. other forms of oxygenation! Remember, hypercarbic respiratory failure patients were excluded from this trial and will need help with minute ventilation as well.


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