ZSFG report pearls – Eye complaints in primary care!

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ZSFG morning report has been fascinating these days. Today, the case started out bread and butter (red eye in an immune compromised person) and transitioned into the obscure.
We did spend a while talking about red eyes, so today I’m sharing teaching materials I compiled on the red eye. The handout is below, as well as a fill in the blank version, if you’d like to use this to teach yourself.
Top takeaways
  • Red eye complaints can be divided into the common and the dangerous
    • Common
      • conjunctivitis, corneal abrasions etc that usually affect superficial eye structures, lid or lashes
    • Dangerous
      • usually affect deeper structures like the sclera, anterior and posterior chambers, nerves and vessels
  • Acute visual loss is always an emergency! details on management below
  • The AAFP produces amazing, evidence based review articles with algorithms for managing primary care complaints. An example below


For those that want to know more, see the attachments in the evernote or the copy/pasted images below. Attribution embedded in the images

1) A blank handout

eye complaints handout.JPG
2) A completed handout


3) The back side of the completed handout for more learning



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