VA AM Report 8.24.16-CAP pearls

Today one of our stud sub-I’s Angela presented a case of CAP. You can keep your Chagas and craniopharyngiomas Moffitt, we got CAP!

Kidding, but really some great learning on CAP points. Allow me to share:

-Blood cultures in CAP? Useless right? Yes and no, they are positive in few patients, as low as 10% in those not meeting SIRS criteria, but can be helpful for public health/epidemiologic reasons

-Can shorten duration of treatment of CAP to 5 days if there’s a good clinical response initially

-Avoid quinolone monotherapy unless you started someone on it as an inpatient, e.g., okay to discharge on doxy or azithro monotherapy after 2-3 days of ceftriaxone if they’re getting better, no need to waste a quinolone on garden variety CAP


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