AM report pearls #1 4/13: Cranial nerve palsies

  • Thanks to Evan for sharing this interesting article of nearly 1000 cases of pts with multiple nuclear palsies! In this report, tumors caused over a quarter of the cases! (including benign, solid, hematologic)
  • Always helpful to try to localize the lesion to narrow your ddx
    • Is it in the brainstem? At the foramen/nerve root where it exits? Peripheral nerve?
      • 3 parts of the brainstem: midbrain (CN 3 and 4), pons (CN 5-8), and medulla (CN 9-12)
    • Is it one single lesion or multiple?
      • If multiple, think about infiltrative diseases
    • A refresher on our cranial nerves, their function, and where they exit
    • CNs.gif
    • And, some anatomy if you are curious (if not, skip ahead!) (bringing me back to med school days!):
    • CN anatomy 2.png

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