3.30 SFGH am report pearls: peripheral neuropathy

  • Poor man’s FVC:  Estimate neuromuscular respiratory strength by having a patient take a breath and count to the highest number they can.  A count of 30 approximates a vital capacity of 2 liters!
  • Albuminocytologic dissociation: (elevated CSF protein without an elevation in WBCs) – thought to reflect the inflammation of the nerve roots in Guillain-Barre syndrome
  • Generalized peripheral neuropathy usually manifests with sensory and motor deficits in a distal to proximal gradient. Upper extremity involvement usually is noted around when lower extremity involvement progresses to the mid-thigh region
  • Drugs commonly associated with polyneuropathies: various antibiotics and chemotherapeutic agents, gout medications, some cardiovascular meds (captopril, amiodarone, hydralazine), lithium, phenytoin, Disulfiram

Hughes RAC: Peripheral neuropathy. BMJ 2002;324:466-469.

Torbey, Michael T. Neurocritical Care. Cambridge University Press, 2009.


Evernote link: http://www.evernote.com/l/AoOKnzhvJtJKV7MK-g5-WgXCySrSCTNZe8Y/


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