SFGH 1.19 am report pearls: AIDS, tuberculous UTI, and HSV, oh my!

    • Pearl from Annie Luetkemeyer: For all patients with AIDS presenting with acute illness, remember to ask about visual changes, neuro symptoms, joint symptoms (especially if h/o IVDU), and complete a full lymph node and skin exam, this will help guide your workup!
    • The seroprevalence of HSV-2 infections in HIV-infected patients is high (60-95 percent), and genital ulcer disease can be more frequent, severe, and of longer duration
    • tuberculous UTI:
      • usually presents with malaise and dysuria/gross hematuria
      • can also present asymptomatically with pyuria and/or microscopic hematuria
      • secondary bacterial infections can occur in up to 50% of renal TB cases
      • CT shows evidence of upper and lower urinary tract involvement with fibrosis, hydronephrosis, and ureteral strictures

    Gupta R, Warren T, Wald A.  Genital herpes.  Lancet 2007;370(9605):2127.

    Abbara A, Davidson RN; Etiology and Managment of genitourinary tuberculosis.  Nat Rev Urol. 2011 Dec 9;8(12):678-88.


    Evernote link: http://www.evernote.com/l/AoNCECx8SzpKe7App4bUuVNX41Xlh7Rf5Og/



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