AM Report Pearls 12/21: Cavitary lung masses/lesions

Great discussion this morning about a patient that had constitutional symptoms for months and presenting with cavitary lung lesions, ultimately diagnosed with GPA. See below for the major learning discussed today!


DDx of cavitary lung lesions

This comes up from time to time in morning report and is a helpful to list to review. This paper (PMID 18400799) is often passed around by fellows/attendings and is a helpful one to have handy. Here is the differential from the paper

  • Infectious
    • Bacteria
      • Common bacterial infections: septic pulmonary emboli, necrotizing pneumonias, lung abscess
      • Uncommon bacterial infections: actino, nocardia
    • Mycobacteria: TB and NTB
    • Fungal: aspergillosis, zygomycosis, histo, blasto, cocci, paracocci, crypto, PCP
    • Parasites: echinococcus, paragonimiasis
  • Non-infectious
    • Rheum: vasculitis
    • Malignancy
    • Other: PE with infarct, bullae/cysts, pulmonary sequestration




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