AM report PEARLS 11/30: pulmonary KS!

  • Kaposi sarcoma: a low-grade vascular tumor associated with infection with HHV-8
  • Cutaneous KS mimics bacillary angiomatosis!! Both are violaceous because of their vascular nature.
  • Patients with palatal lesions often also have lesions in their GI tract
  • 90% of patients with pulmonary KS also have cutaneous KS. But, most patients with cutaneous KS don’t have visceral involvement!
  • If you are worried about pulmonary KS, avoid steroids!! Steroids may precipitate rapid disease progression
  • The prognosis for KS in general is variable based on extent of disease, degree of immunosuppression (CD4 count), and concomitant systemic illness
  • In general, mainstay of treatment is ARVs!! Indications for chemo include: visceral involvement with symptoms, extensive disease, IRIS (progressive KS within weeks of ART initiation), or disease refractory to ARVs.
  • More on KS: check out!!
  • And a special bonus ddx for nose swelling (thanks Brad S! J):
    • Granulomatosis with polyangiitis (formerly Wegener’s)
    • Sarcoid
    • Relapsing polychondritis
    • Cocaine
    • Trauma



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