VA Primary Care Quality Improvement Project #4

Today I attended another meeting for our VA primary care quality improvement projects group. Since the last update, the group has made tremendous strides in advancing their project to improve agenda setting in clinic.

After analyzing the process by which patient agendas are set in our last meeting, the group decided on an intervention using a worksheet for patients to fill out while in the waiting room before their visit.

Referring again to the IHI model for improvement, they planned out their small test of change. This involved creating a worksheet that elicits the patient’s agenda goals (Agenda Setting Questionnaire), making it available in the rooms where patients have their triage vitals taken, and getting buy-in from the front-line staff who could distribute these forms.

To test this change on a small scale, our group of four providers will gather some additional pre-intervention data only on their small group of patients today and implement their planned intervention next week. They will then use what they learn from their first small trial to adopt, adapt, or abandon parts of the intervention to come up with an improved intervention.

Stay tuned for pre and post intervention data and what we learned from this first test of change!

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