Moffitt AM report PEARLS 11/16: urticarial vasculitis and approach to urticaria and life-threatening rashes

Take-home point from daily ditty: for secondary hypogonadism (low testosterone and low FSH and LH), rule out prolactinemia and hemochromatosis!!


Urticarial vasculitis

  • For most patients this is isolated to the skin with some arthralgias and is a self-limited diseas
  • Predominantly involves the skin but can also affect other organs (lungs, kidney, GI)
  • Hypocomplementemia can be associated with extensive vasculitis and systemic features
  • Commonly idiopathic but can be associated with autoimmune disease, drug reactions, infections, or malignancy
  • Treatment: anithistamines (for pruritus), NSAIDs for arthralgias.
    • If moderate, can add steroids with dapsone or colchicine.
    • If severe or refractory with end organ or life-threatening disease, can use mycophenolate mofetil, MTX, azathioprine, cyclosporine


Approach to Urticaria




And, in my search for more approaches to rashes, here is one based on morphology:






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