Moffitt Report Pearls 7/15: Coronary Pseudoaneurysm

Differential Diagnosis for non-atherosclerotic left main coronary stenosis

    • Extrinsic compression
      • Myocardial bridge
      • Aneurysm
        • Pulmonary artery (or just PA dilation from pulm HTN)
        • Aorta
        • Sinus Valsalva
      • Infection
        • Abscess in endocarditis
        • Aortitis (e.g. syphilis)
      • Neoplasm
        • Mediastinal lymphoma
        • Aortic paraganglioma
        • Lung SCC
      • Other
        • Bronchogenic cyst
    • Intrinsic (vascular pathologies)
      • Vasospasm
      • Coronary dissection
      • Vasculitis (Takayasu’s, Kawasaki’s, Giant-cell)
      • Iatrogenic
        • Radiation-induced

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