Returning from SouthEast Asia? Plus Pearls on “Fungus in the Blood”

AM Report Pearls: Fungus in Blood

Brian Schwartz’ tips on when lab calls you with probable fungus:

Probable fungus can be divided into 3 categories:

Yeast                      Dimorphics               Molds

  1. Candida              1. Blasto                      1. Aspergillus
  2. Cryptococcus       2. Histo                       2. Mucor

 AM Report Pearls: Returning Traveler from Southeast Asia!

  • Whenever you have a patient traveling to or returning from a foreign country and you suspect infection, check out the CDC Travel Website for endemic diseases:
  • For Cambodia, CDC recommends vaccines for Hep A, typhoid & malaria prophylaxis
  • Common SE Asia dz: Malaria (especially drug-resistant malaria!), traveler’s diarrhea, TB, typhoid
  • Rarer SE Asia dz, but consider based on exposures: Penicillium (fungus that can disseminate in immunocompromised individuals), Meliodosis (GNR that can be seen in soil & water), chikungunya fever (arbovirus that is similar to dengue in presentation), schistosomiasis (with water exposure)

One thought on “Returning from SouthEast Asia? Plus Pearls on “Fungus in the Blood””

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