Welcome to the UCSF Internal Medicine Chief Resident Hub.

As members of the UCSF Internal Medicine Residency Program, we seek to:

Promote Justice & Diversity

As a public institution, a core part of UCSF’s mission has always been to serve the community in which we live. We care for a diverse patient population at our three teaching hospitals and are committed to providing the highest quality of care regardless of our patients’ citizenship, housing, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, language or other vulnerable status. Our work as physicians must therefore expand beyond traditional medicine to include advocacy for health equity. In order to achieve this ambitious aim, we must recruit and support trainees of diverse backgrounds who reflect the communities we serve.

Support Individuals

All residents are individuals who come to our program with their own unique set of priorities, challenges, passions, and ambitions. We strive for work-life integration by weaving the aspects of ourselves that we foster outside the hospital into our work and professional community. Furthermore, whether we eventually pursue careers in primary care or clinical specialties, academic research or education, hospital administration or community activism, we will not achieve our potential or provide exceptional care to our patients unless we prioritize our own physical and mental health. As a result, our program aims to holistically support all residents in fulfilling their chosen goals.

Learn Purposefully

We are proud to train in a program known for creating the next generation of healthcare leaders. With this privilege comes a responsibility to be relentless learners who are always striving to improve. Our teachers, including distinguished medical experts and inspiring patients, are integral to our development. As recipients of this investment from our community, we believe it is our duty to maximize our impact beyond residency. We are committed to advancing our fields by engaging in basic science and clinical research, creating systems innovations, and educating trainees who follow us.

Honor Humility

Medicine is a work in progress. Regardless of our level of training or clinical experience, we all have knowledge gaps and biases. Therefore, we equally value each individual’s perspective, including medical students and attendings, nurses and physical therapists, and patients and their families. Our culture of egalitarianism empowers us to admit our shortcomings and mistakes, to learn from our interdisciplinary teams, and ultimately to help our patients thrive.

Grow Together

Residency is shaped by the people around us: the patients we serve, the co-residents who support us through our hardest days, and the program leaders who bring us together to celebrate our work. While we represent a group with diverse backgrounds and interests, we share a common identity as UCSF Internal Medicine Residents. As such, we are always willing to finish a note, return a page, or call a consultant to help a co-resident in need. As a team, we struggle and flourish together.

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